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Play Therapy

Play is the first language of children, art is the second language, and verbal communication is the third.  Play Therapy is a form of counseling or psychotherapy that uses play to help children process and understand life changes and their impact. This service is available for children 5 to12 years of age.

In Play Therapy, the therapist interacts with the child at their level using play.  Play therapy is also used with adults as a 'non-talk' modality to help them unearth or make sense on an unconscious level when talk therapy fails.  This helps to shift the processes that may not be experiencing resolution. Click learn more for an in-depth article on play therapy and it's benefits.

One on One

We offer services to individuals in a sacred, safe space where treatment plans
are co-developed with the client for optimal regulation. In this dyadic work,
We will journey with you in the psychodynamic framework to figure out how the unconscious is driving the conscious and to seek clarity.  We also engage the neuroscience lens to integrate psychoeducation which helps individuals to better understand the 'whys' of their responses to life's curves balls and commit to working towards regulation.  Clients journey at their own pace and experience growth as they gain and integrate new skills for optimal living.

Family Services

Family systemic work is crucial to the healthy functioning of one of societies most important units.  Families often need support navigating:- Different parenting styles, parent-child relationships, Step parenting or navigating blending families,  balancing life/work/school. Balancing life with self care. How to parent, be a partner and still maintain autonomy. We work with parents to explore some or all of the above while exploring understanding how the inner child can influence the  parenting role, whether parents are parenting their  inner child’s unmet needs through their child.  Treatment plans are created where each family member has a voice at the table.   We will journey with you through any challenge you might be facing. 


Couples Therapy

Navigating relationships can be challenging when we don’t know the other person’s love language; we are not sure of the other’s needs; or when life has clouded the love lens.  We walk couples through assessments including family of origin inventories to understand how the currency of  love which was developed in the formative years is impacting the present;  we co-develop goals and treatment plans with couples to address current concerns or  relationship challenges,  whether it be separation or  divorce, coping with infidelity  and any other rupture  that might impact the relationship. Couples are able to process current chapter and determine next steps.

Parental Support

Parenting has been deemed “The hardest job on earth”.  Our lead therapist Suzanne often tells parents, ‘your child’s behavior is not a reflection of your parenting capacity.’  Parents give their all in this beautifully draining role of a parent.   We have been working with parents for over 20 years helping them to understand their child/children’s behavior from a brain perspective.  Teaching them practical scaffolding skills to co-regulate their child, build and practice attunement. Here are some of the attachment modalities that are used:  Circle of Security (COS), Positive Discipline and Theraplay.

High Conflict

Lead Therapist Suzanne is a trained New Ways for Families Parent and Parent Child Coach and is registered with the High Conflict Institute. New Ways for Families is an evidence-informed program designed specifically for high-conflict family law cases. These separations, divorces and custody conflicts are costly, time-consuming and can
turn violent. Worst of all, they damage children who are caught in the middle.
New Ways for Families trains counselors and coaches to constructively address
the high-conflict personalities that make resolution seem impossible. Developed
by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., this structured method emphasizes the Four Big Skills:


Managing Emotions
Moderating Behavior
Checking Impulses
Thinking Flexibly


Suzanne has worked as a contractor for more than 3 years in this specialty area
with Community Justice Initiatives agency providing guided coaching to families
who were in the judicial system navigating high conflictual separation and or

Workshops and Training

We have trained  a number of populations over the past 15 years in varied settings including Community Health Centres, Early Years Centres,  City of Cambridge Summer Staff, Provincial Churches, South Africa and the Caribbean  on a wide variety of topics including:  


Secondary Trauma, Compassion Fatigue and Burn Out, 

Positive Parenting in the 21st Century,


Step Parenting,  Navigating the Blends

Courageous Parenting,

Single Parenting,

Resiliency: Transitioning through the curveballs in life,

How to Talk to Children about Dying and Grief

Navigating the path of Grief

Learning to live with depression

Anxiety, Depression and Teens

Mental Health and the church.

And more….

Spiritual Care

As a trained Spiritual Care provider, lead therapist Suzanne offers  spiritual care guidance to individuals who are experiencing existential crises, curious about their spirituality and their place in the world.  How to make meaning of what they currently facing especially when faced with health challenge or critical/palliative  illness.  Suzanne helps Individuals who want to explore curiosity about God,  faith and their higher power as they seek to clarify their purpose, role in this life, hope or faith.  Suzanne is very comfortable providing end of life care as individuals transition from this life.

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